Focus Adds Soybeans to its Label for 2014

UAP’s new Focus herbicide is now registered for soybeans. The surface-applied pre-plant/pre-emerge product was first registered for corn in late 2013.

Focus is a co-pack of carfentrazone (Group 14) and pyroxasulfone (Group 15) that delivers up to 60 days of residual control, says UAP territory sales representative Chris Renwick.

Focus controls tough weeds like barnyard grass and foxtail and its broad-spectrum protection and longer residual control keeps grasses, broadleaves and resistant weeds at bay. Renwick notes that Focus is a low use rate herbicide that requires as little as 60 grams per acre, 10 times less then some herbicides.  That means fuel and storage space savings and less time handling product and recycling containers.

For more on Focus herbicide, growers can visit or or call 1-800-265-5444.


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