TechTour: Managing Spray Pressure with Pinpoint Control

TechTour LogoThe theme of TechTour is simple — highlight products and services out there that save farmers time, money or both. A recent poll we ran here on RealAgriculture suggested that the sprayer is one busy implement, which makes it incredibly important for spraying to be accomplished efficiently.

But efficiency doesn’t mean just going fast. The best spray job is the one that puts the desired rate of product in the desired spray quality at the right time in a timely fashion. To that end, precisely controlling spray pressure on high clearance sprayers is a key driver in a quality spray job.

In this episode of the Dow AgroSciences TechTour, Garnet Welykholowa of Capstan Ag Systems Inc. joins Shaun Haney to  true precision spraying. As Welykholowa explains in this interview, controlling spray pressure and application volume, which ultimately decides spray quality, has come a long way from choosing one nozzle, one volume and one gear. In the interview below, Welykholowa discusses the Pinpoint pressure control system by Capstran, plus some of the other features the company has to offer.

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