This Week on RealAg — In-Field Reporting, CN Gets Emotional & Something Smells Like Disease

Seed Test

It’s seed test time!

It’s been another busy week on the site. In news, we saw: the worrying PEDv update from the Manitoba Chief Veterinary Officer, an announcement of another new elevator for CWB and the Western Livestock Price Insurance Program is now accepting applications. On perhaps a more introspective level, Andrew Campbell challenged our ideas of animals and Owen Roberts tackled criticism of pesticide use.

But, there was still so much more! And in this audio clip, Lyndsey Smith and Debra Murphy discuss an emotional CN and Lyndsey’s new science experiment. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with leftovers (though they do come up in a discussion of the appearance of fungal pathogens in lab samples).

Now, off you go! Enjoy an unusually mellow version of This Week in RealAg with Lyndsey and Debra.

If you cannot see the embedded player, click here to hear this audio.


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