Crude Oil Exports by Rail See Drastic Increase in 2013

The National Energy Board has published some interesting numbers as data tallies were finalized for 2013’s fourth quarter. The data shows drastic increases in rail movement of crude oil from 2012 to 2013. In 2012, October to December rail movement of crude oil was tallied at a little over 1.1M cubic metres (12.6K m³ per day). In the same quarter in 2013, 2.1M cubic metres of crude oil were moved by rail (23.2K  per day). And the change in rail movement from the first quarter in 2012 to the last in 2013 saw a roughly nine-fold increase. (Click for a full view, then hit the back button to get back here).

The National Energy Board's Canadian Crude Oil Exports by Rail - Quarterly Data

The National Energy Board’s Canadian Crude Oil Exports by Rail – Quarterly Data

These numbers will certainly fuel criticism of the rail industry, as many grain producers in western Canada struggled to see commodity movement this winter, and despite the impassioned stance set by CN Rail’s president and CEO, Claude Mongeau, the Fair Rail for Grain Farmers Act passed its third reading in the House of Commons this week.



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Shaun Haney

The big question is what are the railways going to do to make sure all customers of rail service are taken care of, not just oil.


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