In 1997, Agremote Systems Inc developed a remote controlled truck chute system that allows producers to control the hoist and chute on a grain truck. This way, when a quick change needs to be made — like stopping the hoist because you were tweeting and over-filling —  it can be done from atop the grain bin or air drill.

Since its beginning, Agremote Systems has developed a range of remote control products for agriculture. The remote controls fit swing-away augers, trailer chutes, truck chutes and hoist controls.

In this episode of the Dow AgroSciences’ Tech Tour, RealAgriculture’s Shaun Haney talks to Gerald Wiebe of Agremote Systems, who explains more about the product, the company and the innovation.

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One thought on “TechTour: On-Farm Help with Agremote Systems

  1. I have a agremote control on a grain truck and it will only go in the lower position no matter which way you run the toggle switches on the manual buttons in the cab. Can the problem be in the circuit board. If i unplug the middle plug on the black box the actuator will go in the raise position but that is it.

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