TechTour: That’s a Wrap, Brandon is Not Mexico, and the Screaming Child

Well, that’s a wrap on season one of TechTour. I thought it would be kind of fun to introduce you to someone that helped me tremendously along the way — Erin Bartlett. Erin works for AdFarm and was my “handler” for the tour along the five stops (to think they thought I needed a handler!). We had a lot of fun along the way that kept Erin and me entertained.

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A very special thanks to Dow AgroSciences for sponsoring this very fun discovery of innovation and technology across five major Western Canadian farm shows. Cheers to all our viewers and listeners, and we will see you in season two of the TechTour!

If you cannot see the above embedded audio player, CLICK HERE to Listen to this bundle of fun.


Shaun Haney

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