This Week on RealAg: Health & Safety, Poor Weather & Poorer Tractor Etiquette

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It’s that time again โ€” when Lyndsey Smith and Debra Murphy finally remember to do a wrap up of the week that was on Real Agriculture!

Lucky listeners are in for a serious treat this week, as Smith and Murphy spend an entire 20 minutes talking about the weather.

Oh, if only. Instead, this two-thirds of the western editorial team discusses (in no particular order): tractor driving safety (in light of #TractorGate on the Ontario campaign trail), the weather, freckles, slip-n-slides made of grain bags, what Debra does all day and why that matters now more than ever, how many Google+ members are in the Canadian Agriculture community, and, yes, even genomics.

And, in case you thought we were joking, you really CAN roll up grain bags with a baler:




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