Month: June 2014

Sustainable Agriculture as a Global Intiative: Syngenta’s Good Growth Plan

An ever-increasing global population is putting stress and strain on our existing farm land and food resources — that much we know. But what do we do about it? Launched last fall, the Good Growth Plan is Syngenta’s answer, at least in part, to that question. A global initiative with six commitments, the plan is… Read more »

Beef Market Update: Several Factors Pushing Cattle Prices to New Highs

It’s a refrain you can’t really ever tire of if you’re a cattle producer — cattle prices are up across the board, with no immediate end in sight. That’s not to say there isn’t downside risk in this bull market (pardon the pun), but supply, demand, export markets and more are all colliding to support these… Read more »

Talking to Farmers: Drones, Tracks and Heavy Duty Decisions

Well, it seems the RealAgriculture crew always arrives to Canada’s Farm Progress Show armed and ready to talk to farmers. This usually means a sly call for a massive “tweetup” and subsequent trapping of unsuspecting victims, but it seems people caught wind of our plan this year, and for every interview shown above, there are… Read more »

Saskatchewan and Manitoba Hit Hard by Excessive Rain and Flash Flooding

A huge swath of the prairies was hit with up to seven inches or more of rain between Friday and Sunday night, with more precipitation in the forecast. 16 Saskatchewan communities have declared a state of emergency and several highways and roads are closed in the east and southeast of the province. Manitoba is also… Read more »

New Holland’s New Tier 4B Guardian Sprayer Series

The Sp400F, the highest capacity sprayer in New Holland’s Guardian series, made its debut at Canada’s Farm Progress Show. The Guardian models have 300-380 horsepower, selective catalytic reduction, Tier 4B compliant engines and 1000-1600 US gallon tanks. They also have 50/50 balanced weight distribution on a four-wheel hydrostatic drive with hydraulic suspension, allowing for maximum traction, floatation and… Read more »

Gaining Ground: The Secret to Top Quality Haylage and Silage

Good forage makes money, but poor forage is money lost. Tom Kilcer, of Advanced Ag Systems in Kinderhook, NY, has spent years researching forage production, forage quality, and livestock performance. Here’s what he’s learned. Contrary to common assumptions, forage does not dry by the same mechanisms from start to finish. They are, in fact, three… Read more »

Canola School: Helping Beneficial Insects Feel at Home

As canola moves into flower, farmers are doing a great job scouting, scouting and doing more scouting. If you’re like most farmers, though, seeing insects immediately raises a red flag. While, yes, there are several pest species of note in the canola crop, not everything that moves or crawls on the crop is a pest…. Read more »

Animal Care Codes of Conduct Are More Than Busy Work

With all the red tape and busy work farmers already face, who wants more? No one, I’m sure. Not even people who kind of like paperwork. But I’m hoping an effort underway to have farmers create an animal care code of conduct will be seen by most as more than a nuisance. In Ontario, an… Read more »

Finding a Home for Biodiversity in Intensive Cropping Systems —  Blake Vince

This week, Winnipeg, Man., hosted the World Congress on Conservation Agriculture — a three day event that brought together research and extension staff with farmers and industry to discuss the state of conservation agriculture all over the world. Conservation agriculture, a combination of zero-tillage, cover crops, extensive crop rotation and more, looks very different from… Read more »

Agronomy Geeks Ontario — Ep. 11: Fending off Fungicide Resistance, Plus New Threats to Watch For

The disease pressure landscape changes as the season progresses and from year to year, but there are always the endemic threats that farmers have to manage for. Part of the disease scouting process includes knowing what to look for, including some new or rare pests that could be making their way into your growing region…. Read more »

Over $1.8M Announced for Western Canada Sunflower Varietal Development

Fairfax, Manitoba – An over $1.8M contribution to the non-profit National Sunflower Association of Canada (NSAC) was announced today, by Member of Parliament Larry Maguire (Brandon-Souris), on behalf of Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and the Honourable Ron Kostyshyn, Manitoba Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. The funding will support the development of new seed varieties and boost sunflower acreage… Read more »

Duo Announcement News for Carinata in Canada

Agrisoma Biosciences Inc. and PGF Biofuels announced the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s regulatory approval for Brassica carinata to be used in meal today. Specifically, the CIFA approves the high-protein meal in grower and finisher cattle feed. This announcement, combined with international market approvals of similar varieties, will be an important step in carinata’s continued development. “While the primary… Read more »

Corn School: Considering a Second Herbicide Application

If it’s not raining, maybe it’s time to tromps through the corn field. It doesn’t take long for weed pressure to accumulate in a crop, especially in conditions where the crop canopy is slow to close. But deciding on a re-spray is every bit as complicated as deciding what to spray. Assessments should include staging, health, invasiveness… Read more »

Jeff Leal Named as Ontario Agriculture Minister; OMAFRA Reunited

For a year and a half, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Rural Affairs have had separate leaders, after premier Kathleen Wynne split the ministry to take on the agriculture portfolio herself in February 2013. See the entire new cabinet here. On the heels of the June 12 majority win… Read more »

Two Arylex-Based Herbicides Receive Approval for 2015

Wheat and barley growers in the black soil zone now have two new tools, based on the new Group 4 active ingredient Arylex by Dow AgroSciences. Paradigm and Pixxaro, which contain Arylex, are now registered and will be available for use in 2015. Dow AgroSciences says that these two new broadleaf herbicides are designed to… Read more »