Mycotoxins can have devastating results when consumed, and in the livestock industry, poisoning seems to be on the rise, with perhaps the riskiest feedstuffs containing screenings. And it’s no wonder, when manageable levels of alkaloids are not completely understood, a visual inspection can’t quantify toxicity, and policies governing the sale of mycotoxin-contaminated screenings have a long way to go.

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In this video, Amanda Van De Kerckhov, ruminant nutritionist with Co-Op Feeds and speaker at the 2014 Symposium: Emerging Issues with Ergot and Fusarium, speaks more about the challenges mycotoxins present the feed industry. Van De Kerckhov explains why visual inspections may be misleading, how multiple contaminants may alter results, the policies and liabilities around mycotoxins and what feed mills are doing to mitigate the risks of contamination.

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