Cattlefeeders and Farmers See Canadian Temporary Foreign Worker Program as Critical

You are probably reading a lot right now about the challenges with the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Sheila Pratt with the Edmonton Journal has been focused on the issue as it applies to allegedly reducing labor costs and the mistreatment of workers.

Keep in mind that that the temporary foreign worker program is accessed by not just agriculture but also by the oil patch, food service, processors and manufacturing.

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Bryan Walton, CEO of the Alberta Cattle Feeders takes issue with some of the criticisms of the program and with the accusations being made by Gil McGowan, Alberta Federation of Labor.  Walton believes that the addition of foreign labor is not about replacing Canadians or forcing wages lower.  Its about supplementing the Canadian workforce due to the supply of labor.

For feedyards and cattle packers, foreign workers are integral to human resource plans based on the economic surges in places like Alberta and Saskatchewan.

I spoke with Walton in the below audio interview.

If you cannot see the above audio player CLICK HERE to not miss out.


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