Kickin’ Tires Ep 1 – Crashing Drones and Break Out the Cat Litter

You suggested it so we decided to listen and start a podcast focused on agriculture machinery. Shaun wouldn’t describe himself as a gear head (remember when he was proud to change a wiper blade on his truck) but he loves to chat machinery so he had to find a willing knowledgeable co-host and after a very long exhaustive search we invited Jim Hale (better known as @farmerjim79 on twitter).

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In episode the guys talk about drones and some safety procedures you may want to consider and Morris Industries provides some key tips before you park the air drill and cart for the off season.

If you cannot see the above embedded player you better CLICK HERE so that you don’t miss this first episode of Kickin’ Tires. Jim and Shaun would be so disappointed.


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