Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission Hires Executive Director

Photo: Debra Murphy, 2013

The Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission (SBDC) recently announced it has hired Jill McDonald as the new executive director. McDonald has extensive and diverse experience in agriculture, having worked with the Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP), as a lecturer and researcher at the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Agriculture and having operated a private consulting company.

“I am excited to join SBDC, and to further develop opportunities for barley producers in Saskatchewan,” said McDonald. “I am passionate about the objectives of the SBDC and look forward to working closely with the board of directors to implement their strategic plan, and to build relationships with producers and SBDC stakeholders.”

The SBDC was originally governed under a general manager shared with the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission (SWDC). Tom Steve’s recent move to Alberta, however, provided an opportunity for the commissions to establish themselves separately and “to more effectively represent the unique needs of each crop,” the SBDC said in a press release.

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“The directors of SBDC are looking forward to having Jill’s talents working for farmers,” said Cam Goff, chair of the Commission. “Her skills will assist us as we continue to work closely with the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission, and establish alliances on common issues with other producer groups across Western Canada. Our focus is Saskatchewan barley producers.”

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