Syngenta Launches New Reglone Formulation

pulses Syngenta Canada Inc. has launched a new formulation of Reglone aimed at pulse production. Reglone Ion desiccant herbicide is a new formulation of Reglone, featuring a built-in, non-ionic adjuvant for complete dry-down of pulses, the company says.

Reglone Ion is powered by the active ingredient diquat and offers true desiccation dry-down, compared to an application of a systemic herbicide. With the addition of a non-ionic adjuvant to the formulation, Syngenta says that Reglone Ion is easier to use and provides quick, uniform dry-down of plant material.

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Syngenta recommends a desiccant on crops with indeterminate growth, such as pulses, and should be applied when the crop starts to change colour. With the inclusion of the built-in adjuvant, the application rate of Reglone Ion is 0.8 L/ac, compared to 0.7 L/ac for Reglone 240. For optimal dry-down, growers are advised to use the highest recommended water volume to ensure the desiccant is distributed across the entire canopy and down to the plant’s stems, Syngenta says.


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