Wheat and barley growers in the black soil zone now have two new tools, based on the new Group 4 active ingredient Arylex by Dow AgroSciences. Paradigm and Pixxaro, which contain Arylex, are now registered and will be available for use in 2015. Dow AgroSciences says that these two new broadleaf herbicides are designed to give farmers more flexibility on spray days and less stress during the short spray season.

Arylex is a synthetic auxin representing a new chemical family within the Group 4 mode of action.  Pixxaro is a combination of three group 4 herbicides and Paradigm provides Multi Mode of Action on many weed species with both Arylex and a Group 2 active ingredient. Paradigm’s Multi Mode of Action can be highly effective in delaying the onset of herbicide resistance.

Paradigm introduces another breakthrough with GoDRI Rapid Dispersion Technology (RDT).  Newly developed coformulants are the key to the technology’s rapid dispersion. With Paradigm, growers can fill a sprayer tank and cover a lot of acres quickly.

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Paradigm and Pixxaro control the worst broadleaf weeds, including very large ones, and can be used from early to flag leaf stages of wheat and barley. Both products have a great fit to control the weeds most common in the black soil zone. Pixxaro controls a wide range of broadleaf weeds including kochia and may be tank mixed with any registered grass product. If kochia isn’t a target, Paradigm is designed to work with Simplicity for complete broadleaf and grass weed control in wheat and can be tank mixed with other grass partners in barley.

“In recent market research conducted by Dow AgroSciences, farmers expressed frustration around complex herbicide decisions, worry about performance when weather conditions are less than ideal and the serious time pressure during spray season. In short, they need less stress, fewer worries and more good spray days. Paradigm and Pixxaro provide the solution,” says Kelly Bennett, cereals portfolio marketing lead for Dow AgroSciences.

One thought on “Two Arylex-Based Herbicides Receive Approval for 2015

  1. Thanks for the interview Shaun. Just realized I said “overbuilt” regarding the new herbicides. Just want to put some proper perspective on this – I meant “overbuilt in the traditional sense” – over the years, products could be registered on certain weeds with as low as 80% control. With our new products, we set a much higher standard in level of control and the range of weeds controlled so farmer’s decision making would be easier with very few weeds missed with these products, and control levels over 90%.
    Paradigm was built to deliver Multi-mode of Action (MMA) control as well, utilizing Group 4 and a Group 2 mode of actions, with a high number of weeds controlled by both actives. Traditionally this may not have been done, but using an MMA product is a superior resistance management strategy over using one mode of action alone or combinations of actives that don’t control the same weeds. I should note that herbicide rotation and use of MMA products are only parts of a total herbicide resistant management plan.
    Last point is that we are able to provide amazing weed control with VERY low active rates. New Arylex active goes on at just 2 grams per acre, keeping herbicide load low.
    We have many demonstration trials across western Canada this year and the early results look tremendous – including some tough spray conditions this year!

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