3 Guiding Principles of Conservation Agriculture for a Large-Scale Operation

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Water walks, not runs, off Seth Watkins’ farm. That’s the first of three principles Watkins uses to guide the agronomic decisions he makes on Pinhook Farms, based in Iowa.

Watkins, who raises corn, soybeans and cattle across several counties in Iowa, spoke recently at the World Congress on Conservation Agriculture to share his experience with integrating water and soil conservation principles into large-scale agriculture. Watkins explains that his farm has a long history of managing their farm with long-term goals in mind, and that farmers need to be increasingly aware of where run-off from their farm ends up. But adopting conservation agriculture practices isn’t driven by consumer pressure or environmental concerns alone — Watkins says it’s profitable and best for the farm in the long-term.

Hear all about that and more in this interview below.


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