Beef Market Update: An Amazing Run on Fed Cattle Prices — Now What?

There’s certainly no need to begrudge ranchers and feeders making money on cattle right now. After all, cattle markets rise and fall in waves, and it’s nice to be at the top now and again. Lower average cost of production coupled with strong demand and a tight supply have all aligned to create a profitable environment for the Canadian cattle market.

In this Beef Market Update, Anne Wasko, of Gateway Livestock, and Shaun Haney, founder of Real Agriculture, discuss profit taking, margin calls, hedging into 2015 and the all-important size of the Canadian cow herd. From a market discussion on human nature, to ranchers exiting on a high note and on to how young(er) ranchers may run their businesses differently, this Beef Market Update covers it all.

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If you can’t see the embedded player, click here to hear this interview.


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