tufted_vetchOMAFRA Weed Management Lead Mike Cowbrough has been getting lots of calls from growers this year looking for tips on how to control tufted vetch in soybeans. The perennial legume is tough to control in an annual legume crop like soybeans, and there’s virtually no way to control it once the crop is out of the ground.

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But a research trial this spring at OMAFRA’s Elora research farm has turned up a tank mix that packs enough punch to knock out tufted vetch. In this video, Cowbrough looks at the pre-plant herbicide options he’s tested and tells you why he’s excited by one particular tank mix that includes glyphosate, Optill, Merge adjuvant and 2,4-D Ester.


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One thought on “Soybean School: Getting Tough on Tufted Vetch in Soybeans

  1. Enjoyed Mike’s piece on vetch control in Soybeans. Interesting the 24D-Ester component. I use 24D Ester in my turndown, but mainly for glyphosate resistant Giant Ragweed. It does an excellent job with that. After seeing the video, it looks like it should be part of everybody’s weed control strategy.

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