Cereals Canada Launches Strategic Plan

Pasteur spring wheat. Photo Credit: Lyndsey Smith 2013

Cereals Canada, the newly-formed, industry-led cereals group, recently released its inaugural strategic planning document. The plan, available here as a PDF, sets out the vision and mission for the organization and defines a path forward for “sustainable profitability for the entire value chain.”

From opportunities and market development, to threats and competition, the 13-page document lays out the current state of the Canadian cereals industry — a useful benchmark going forward. The strategic plan is built on input gathered from a broad spectrum of organizations and individuals from across the value chain, according to the organization’s press release.

Cereals Canada has established three priority areas for the organization.  These are:

  • Provide leadership for the Canadian cereals industry;
  • Build and implement a market development plan for Canadian cereals; and,
  • Shape the environment for innovation in cereals.

“Our overarching goal is to ensure that all links in the Canadian cereals value chain are profitable,” Greg Porozni, Cereals Canada chair, says in the press release.  “We will accomplish this by meeting the demands of our customers for consistent, high-valued quality products.

“The cereals sector in Canada is in a period of transition that presents the industry with a unique opportunity to create the environment that will allow Canada to realize its full potential in international and domestic markets,” Porozni says.


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