Farmers across Western Canada may notice two very remarkable things on the Prairie landscape soon โ€” stand alone CLAAS dealerships and brightly coloured Xerion tractors.

Caterpillar recently announced its shift out of the agriculture market, which started a chain reaction that will see CLAAS, a company who had a distribution deal for its Lexion combines with the company, establish its own dealer network on the Canadian Prairies. As Mark Oehmke, vice president of sales for CLAAS North America, explains in this video filmed at Canada’s Farm Progress Show, Regina, Saskatoon and Swift Current will all eventually host dealerships and service centers. But will we ever see a green, orange and white Lexion harvest wheat on the Prairies? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

(What’s all that yelling in the background, you ask? CLAAS hosted a Lexion combine bouncy castle at the farm show. Don’t believe us? It’s featured in our Farm Progress Show wrap found HERE.)


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3 thoughts on “CLAAS Puts its Stamp on Western Canada

  1. I really believe that the partnership with Kramer has really hurt Claas in Saskatchewan in the last 10 years.
    And yes, they should bring to Euro colour scheme to NA

    1. I think the colours are top notch and a key part of branding, but a drastic change like that dates the machines visually, and CLAAS is cognizant of preserving re-sale values for existing customers.

  2. I wonder of the corporate types are aware that their machines already have the worst retained value of any brand in western Canada? IMO the biggest hurdle they need to overcome to increase sales.

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