Farmery Brewery Expands into Pil Territory: Made-in-Manitoba Brew Goes to the Gap

In what can only be described as the best news story this editor has posted all week, Farmery Brewery has announced its Farmery premium lager will be available in Saskatchewan.

Farmery Estate Brewery is a Manitoba- (and farm)-based company that uses its own farm-grown barley and hops to brew its premium lager. The company is headed up by brothers Chris and Lawrence Warwaruk.

“The first thing people say is how great the beer tastes; the second is when will Farmery be available in Saskatchewan, Ontario, Alberta, or wherever they were from,” says Lawrence Warwaruk. “We chose to bring our beer first to Saskatchewan because they are our neighbors, and they have a strong agriculture industry like we have here in Manitoba.”

“Farmery is a grassroots company, and we feel like Saskatchewan represents the same farming values we practice when it comes to our beer,” Chris adds.  “Adding value by processing our farm-grown grains on the prairies instead of shipping them raw to other parts of the world just makes sense!

“When customers try Farmery for the first time, most are very surprised that they are drinking a beer made with barley that we grew on our farm! The world’s best malted barley is grown on the Canadian Prairies, and people wonder why an estate brewery wasn’t started earlier.”

For the full (and very interactive) press release, or to find out where to find Farmery premium lager near you, click here.


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