High disease levels have winter wheat growers in Western Canada concerned about the market prospects for the crop.

Samples brought to elevators in some areas — especially central Manitoba — have contained up to 20 percent fusarium damaged kernels. Buyers have started discounting grain based on the related potential vomitoxin levels.

Randy Kutcher, 2013.
Randy Kutcher, 2013.

So where will this high fusarium wheat go? Is there demand for it? Will we see more of it shipped into the U.S.?

Mike Davey, market analyst with FarmLink Marketing Solutions, says there may be a market for the high fusarium wheat in Asia. He notes there might also be an opportunity to deliver this wheat against futures contracts in the U.S.

In this episode of the Wheat School West, Kelvin Heppner discusses the market for high fusarium wheat with Davey:

If you can’t see the embedded player, you can listen to their conversation here.

One Manitoba farmer’s assessment:

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