Safe and simple weed control has always made glyphosate herbicide an attractive option for farmers. The same features have also been key to the tremendous growth of glyphosate tolerant crops.

Now, glyphosate is about to get even simpler thanks to FS Partners and its Exact Tank System. Unveiled in July, the Exact system delivers convenience as well as the savings farmers can realize when buying bulk.

The Exact Tank System allows you to hold up to 4,000 litres of glyphosate on your farm and also to fill up either your sprayer or totes in just minutes with one of two hoses. A one-inch metered hose fills at a rate of 50 litres per minute, easily filling a sprayer in ten minutes or less. A two-inch hose fills at a rate of 200 litres per minute and fills a tote in three minutes or less – all powered by a 120 volt submersible pump. For those long planting season workdays, the tank comes with an LED light to help farmers who need to work into the night.

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FS Partners notes that the Exact Tank System comes with a number of safety features that make it environmentally friendly and ensure user safety. The poly tank has a cone bottom, so when the tank runs out there is virtually no product remaining. The nozzle holders also act as a containment system, as the runoff from the nozzles drip into a jug to keep spills at bay and allow farmers to use as much of the product as possible. The poly stand that holds the tank in place doubles as a secondary containment system to catch any possible spills. The environmental stewardship and locking system of the tank ensures user safety.

Information about the Exact Tank System can be found at any FS Partners branch, or by looking in the Agronomy section of their website at You can also see the system in action on YouTube:


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