Opening and Closing Grain Bin Lids Just Got a Whole Lot EZer

The EZLid is built to attach to any standard grain bin lid.

We’ve all seen it: a grain bin lid that’s perpetually blowing open, or a rope that has completely frayed. It’s hard to ignore, as we all know the importance of keeping grain protected from weather and predators. So the argument ensues. Who will be the one to crawl up the ladder? And how many more times will this battle rage on, before the lid, hinge or rope is simply replaced?

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At this year’s Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina, RealAgriculture stumbled upon an interesting invention. The EZLid automated grain bin lid opener was created by Shawn Poncsak, and enables a producer to open and close up to six grain bin lids from a control box on solid ground. Perhaps this is a further consideration if your lids needs a little work anyway? Here’s a short interview with Poncsak on the intricacies of his invention.

Check out the video interview or have a listen to the audio on Soundcloud.

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