Do rings have any place on the fingers of farmers?

Warning: This post contains graphic images.

We’ve long known the dangers of baggy clothes, jewelry and long hair around power take offs and augers, but even acknowledging the other dangers associated with jewelry, a great many of us have worn earrings or rings around the farm, when perhaps we shouldn’t have.

Workers who experience ring-involved injuries and don’t require the removal of the host finger are actually relatively lucky. Cases with sloughing skin, lacerations, bone breaks and entire finger deglovings are not uncommon. Often, these events also require that rings be cut off, which besides adding to the fear of the entire process, may also cut emotionally.

The following tweet shows a look at another, less common injury that may result from wearing rings around equipment. As @Wally_53 explained, this event occurred with a reg 12 volt battery short between the ring and the frame of the car for a split second.” 

Preventing injuries like these may mean leaving jewelry in the house with your going-to-town-clothes, but it doesn’t have to mean forgetting freedom of expression. For many people working outdoors or in the trades, a unique, personalized tattoo fills the gap left behind when rings stay at home.

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