PAMI Gets $735,000 Funding Boost For New Research Equipment

The Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI) will receive $735,000 under Growing Forward 2 for new equipment to support applied research projects for the agricultural sector, it was recently announced.

Every year, PAMI conducts about 100 projects in Manitoba and Saskatchewan to address challenges in the agricultural sector, in areas such as equipment design, agronomy and nutrient management. The new funding will be used to make these projects more efficient and provide better service to agricultural clients and farmers in Manitoba and across Western Canada.

Funded items include:

* specialized equipment and software needed for projects that require large amounts of data to be collected relatively slowly over a long period of time, like those involving manure processing for energy production;

* equipment to measure soil compaction, which can be used to compare the effects of tracked and wheeled farm machinery;

* hydraulic system simulation software, which would be used in machinery testing and development projects;

* a skid sled that would be used in tractor evaluation projects;

* a high-density baler, to help research the feasibility of biomass collection systems; and

* a new tractor, which will eliminate the need to rent this equipment for many research projects and reduce overall costs.

“PAMI will put this equipment to use to support innovation in agriculture in Manitoba,” said David Gullacher, president and CEO of PAMI. “Manitoba’s farmers have nearly $4 billion invested in tractors, seeding equipment, pesticide applicators and harvesters, and we now have new tools to study and look for improvements in these machines. We are also going to be able to explore the considerable potential for bio-products in the province.”

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