If your tractor cab is beginning to look more like NASA’s launch station, you’re not alone. With a monitor for this and a monitor for that, plus your own phone or tablet to track what you’re doing (or stay entertained listening to a machinery podcast or two), before long, you’re out of room or frustrated by basic monitors with not-so-cutting-edge displays.

When Seed Hawk rolled out all that is new with its new seeding system at Canada’s Farm Progress Show, farmers may have taken note of one very smart thing they’ve done — instead of a monitor, managing and setting the seeding unit is all done from an app on an iPad.

In this Dow AgroSciences’ TechTour episode, Shaun Haney gets a tour of the new seeder set up, via Bob Higgins and Pat Beaujot, of Seed Hawk, and learns what all this app can do, plus what’s new on the 2015 Seed Hawk seeder cart models.

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