TechTour: Morris Industries’ New Injected Polymer Openers

Photo Courtesy of Morris Industries

The new opener totes an 8lb decrease in weight, amounting to as much as 500lb across a 60′ unit, says Garth Massie.
Photo Courtesy of Morris Industries

This year, Morris Industries unveiled a new, polymer-injected opener, which will allow operators to use liquid or solid fertilizers. The highest wear regions have seen an increase in tungsten carbide by 32%, though the low, narrow profile already minimizes width, wear and reduces soil build-up.

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In this episode of the TechTour, filmed at Canada’s Farm Progress Show, Garth Massie, corporate agronomist for Morris Industries, joins Shaun Haney for an in-depth discussion of the new Contour 2, polymer-injected openers. Massie highlights the improved design, which makes the opener sleeker, lighter and more efficient.

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Dave pelgrims

Can you tell me where these openers are produced and if you need any assistance in future tryouts of molds


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