Canada’s Largest Greenhouse Research Facility to be Built at Vineland


Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, near Niagara, Ontario, will soon feature the largest greenhouse facility of its kind in Canada, thanks to a $10 million investment by the provincial government.

Vineland is well known for its work in fruit and vegetable research and development, and recently commercialized Pixie grapes, a one-of-kind, ornamental dwarf grapevine, and the sundown pear, an attractive, late-season, fresh-market pear with good storage capability.

The newly-announced 3,700-square-metre facility will focus on developing innovative technologies that will help get more food to market faster. Areas of research include:

  • Research to create crops that are more resilient to Ontario conditions and more profitable to grow;
  • Enhanced horticultural production systems, including natural and automated pest-management systems for greenhouse operations;
  • Consumer insights to support new products, including different varieties of vegetables, apples and wine.

“The Ontario government is proud to support the new greenhouse facility at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. Investments in research and innovation are critical to growing our horticultural sector and will create jobs in the agri-food industry across Ontario,” says Jeff Leal, Ontario’s minister of agriculture, food and rural affairs.



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