Cargill To No Longer Sell Anhydrous Fertilizer in MB

Staff at Cargill crop input retail sites in Manitoba are letting customers know that the company will no longer sell anhydrous ammonia (NH3) fertilizer after next spring.

Due to its hazardous nature and the strict regulations surrounding the handling of NH3, it’s become harder to find reliable transportation, says the company.

“Our decision was based on several factors including the increasing difficulty of moving NH3 by rail, finding carriers to haul the product, and securing supply,” said Cargill Limited spokesperson Brigitte Burgoyne in an email.

In addition to the safety precautions and regulatory requirements, a trend toward using liquid fertilizer has also reduced demand for anhydrous in parts of Manitoba.

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There will be five Cargill locations affected (some of which also have satellite NH3 sites): Dauphin, Morris, Elm Creek, Elva and Altona.

Cargill’s joint ventures in Saskatchewan will continue to handle anhydrous, says Burgoyne.


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