The State of the Soybean Crop in Ontario — An Early Fall Update

The Real Agriculture team took in the sights and sounds of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show this week at Woodstock, Ontario, and if there was one thing in on the minds of farmers it was the approaching harvest season. There’s more than a little concern about the maturity of the corn and soybean crop, and significant disease pressure and some insect pressure has eaten into yield potential.

At the show, Bernard Tobin tracked down three agronomists to summarize the soybean crop to date, how far the crop has to go yet to make maturity and what you must add to your winter planning if you had white mould pressure this year. In this video, you’ll hear from Bob Thirlwall, with DEKALB, Shawn Brenneman, Syngenta Canada, and Aaron Bowman, of PRIDE Seeds.

Learn more: The increasing threat of white mould in Ontario soybeans

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