With larger farms, bigger equipment and longer distances to travel from the farm to the field, the old slip-tank in the back of a pick-up truck simply doesn’t cut it for the fuel needs on the field for many farms.

As part of this episode of the Dow AgroSciences TechTour, Meridian’s Ken Pierson describes the new Meridian Fuel Express trailer.

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With capacity of 3,750 litres (825 imperial gallons,) fewer trips back to the farm to fuel up means more time making progress on the field, says Pierson.

The Fuel Express comes in three models, ranging from the basic model with a 12 volt pump to the Platinum Pro model that can serve as a mobile service unit (think generator, welder, air compressor — you could even plug in a mini-fridge.)

Watch Ken Pierson’s conversation with Shaun Haney here:

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