Canfax Starts Collecting Contract and Formula Sale Prices on Fat Cattle

With the immense drop in fat cash cattle being sold on a weekly basis the reporting of sale data has changed. A high majority of fat cattle in Canada are being sold through forward contracting or formula (grid systems). Canfax is responsible to collect data from willing producers and report back information to the industry to enable informed decision-making and understanding of the market. With the drop in cash cattle sold, Canfax has decided to focus more data collection time on the forward contracting and formula pricing that is taking place in the marketplace. According to Brian Perillat, Canfax Senior Market Analyst, this will allow Canfax to provide even more data back to members.

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Shaun Haney spoke to Brian Perillat about the drop in cash cattle pricing, the reporting of forward and formula priced cattle and why reporting to Canfax is a huge value for producers.

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