Sometimes things are not what they seem at all. Never has this been more true than in the debate over what is great tasting food. Two food pranksters attended a high-end food show to show off their newest and greatest organic dishes. The reviews that they got from attendees were great. There was one slight issue though — the food that they presented was not the finest in organic fare but instead they bought all the food at McDonalds and repackaged it for their display.

The best part was after they asked the attendees about how good the food tasted, they then asked them to compare the taste, texture and flavor to the food you would buy at McDonalds. Some of the comments speak so well to the absurd food elitism that comes with some of the upper class.

When you watch the video make sure you turn the closed captioning on by clicking the CC button at the bottom right corner of the player.

If you cannot see the embedded video, CLICK HERE to not miss this hilarious video.

6 thoughts on “Could You Tell The Difference Between McDonalds and Organic Food? – Some People Can’t

  1. This is a great example of how easy it is to trick people when you lie to them.

    Truth in advertising & labeling is so important. Since taste, texture and flavour is not a reliable way to distinguish the quality, origin, and production methods of the food we eat I suppose it is up to strict labeling legislation and enforcement to ensure transparency in the Canadian food supply.

    Wouldn’t it be great if every steak in the grocery store had a label saying where it was born, raised and slaughtered?

    1. … or is wanting to know what I am feeding to my family simply more “absurd food elitism that comes with some of the upper class”? 😉

      1. It isn’t Mr. Garlough.

        And i only know a little. So maybe we can get together for a week or a month and you can explain how hormones function in food animals and in those who eat them.

        We can use your credentials to head out to the lab and we’ll look at live results showing how gmo dna differs.

        Show me in great detail how the salt in glyphosate differs from that in the soil.

        Etc etc.

        But you dont know that sort of thing do you?

        The average persons knowledge of the mechanisms behind what they “demand to know” about their food is the classic answer about what kind of car you drive….. A white one.

        That is all you are doing when you are choosing based off a GMO or organic or a location label. You are choosing the white car.

  2. Think with logical brains people. Deep fried crap is bad for us whether it’s organic or not. The origins of something are sometimes less important than what happens afterwards. Like the snowy white organic cotton baby items we can buy. It’s still been processed and bleached to look like that! After all the processing is the organic designation really helping? I question that logic.

  3. J. if you were to purchase ‘Certified Hereford Beef’ you would know what you are getting. The story has 2 sad facts: some folks think McD’s has good food. Some folks can be convinced of anything…

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