Grow a Leader 4-H Campaign Runs this Week Across Canada

This week, October 13 to 20, 2014, SeCan celebrates its second year of the Grow a Leader program to support 4-H in Canada.

For every bag of selected varieties of soybean seed farmers buy this week, SeCan will donate $1 to 4-H Canada.

According to Jeff Reid, SeCan General Manager, “This is a perfect opportunity for SeCan seed retailers and their customers to make a difference to 4-H in their communities. Most farmers know they’re going to plant soybeans, and ordering during the “Grow a Leader” week has the added bonus of helping to build strong, young leaders in rural Canada.”

Last year the “Grow a Leader” program generated over $41,000 for 4-H in Canada.

The eligible varieties in Eastern Canada are:

  •  Camaro R2                2675 HU
  • Mirada R2                  2700 HU
  • Absolute RR             2775 HU
  • Corvette R2               2825 HU
  • Aspen RR                 3000 HU
  • Dart RR                      3050 HU
  • Malibu R2                  3200 HU

The eligible varieties in Western Canada are:

  • Bishop R2                 2350 HU
  • Hero R2                     2375 HU
  • McLeod R2                2375 HU
  • Gray R2                     2450 HU
  • Chadburn R2           2475 HU
  • Currie R2                   2500 HU

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