Julie Borlaug Kicks Off International Biotechnology Conference in Saskatoon

On the heels of Canada’s National Biotechnology Week, the Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference (ABIC) is taking place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan this week.

ABIC, hosted this year by Ag-West Bio, was initiated in 1996 in Saskatoon, and has grown to include delegates from over 60 countries, promoting and discussing the benefits of agricultural biotechnology.

The conference started on Sunday, with Julie Borlaug’s “Continuing the Borlaug Legacy into the Next Century.” The presentation highlighted Norman Borlaug’s work,  provided a glimpse at his home life — he was a human too, Julie, his grand-daughter, assured us — and what needs to be done to continue his work.

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In this video, Julie Borlaug talks to RealAgriculture’s Debra Murphy about what made her grandfather a great scientist, a perhaps less-than-stellar public communicator, what her thoughts are on organic agriculture and the urban agriculture movement, whether or not we’re talking enough about distribution in global food security and where agriculture will go in the next 50 years.

2 thoughts on “Julie Borlaug Kicks Off International Biotechnology Conference in Saskatoon

  1. Rather than asking where we would be without biotechnology, Julie Borlaug should instead ask, “Where would we be if we had been forced to label GMOs like a package of cigarettes like organic activists want us to?”

    Julie Borlaug must hang her head in shame for letting President Obama off the hook on GMO labelling back in April. Is he for it, or against it? She doesn’t care, and is perfectly happy to let the president ride the fence on the most crucial food issue of our time.

    Shame on Julie Borlaug for playing politics with farmer’s livelihoods and people’s lives, and shame on her for tacitly supporting GMO labelling.

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