Hello! If you visit this site regularly you’ll be very familiar with me, because my work is everywhere. If for some reason you haven’t heard of me, my name is Rhett Soveran and I joined the RealAg team at the beginning of the year as the Product Manager.

I handle all the technical stuff that Lyndsey doesn’t… yup, just doesn’t. (Editor’s note: Rhett thinks I don’t even understand the Internet, which, yes, actually I do). If you’ve noticed the site getting faster? Or an improved mobile experience? I’m sure you’ve noticed how shiny Shaun’s shoes are? He knows I’m allergic to the polish, but he makes me do it every day. Either way, those are the kinds of things I’m responsible for.

Today, I am really excited to show you a project we’ve been working for the last two months— our free iOS commodity markets app.

Download the free RealAg Markets iOS App

Overview Video: Main Features in the Initial Build

Building a Commodity Markets iOS App

Additionally, we’ve included our Markets coverage, via the top-left menu, now that we’re continuing to expand with the talents of Mr. Kelvin Heppner, Brennan Turner and others.

Design by Iteration: Feedback Welcome

I wanted to start simple with this app and leave lots of room for improvement and I’d love to hear your thoughts. Give me a shout on Twitter @rhettsoveran or send me an email [email protected].

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