Helmut SIf the soybeans are mature, but a wee bit damp yet, do you let them stand or get them in the bin so you can dry them down? Helmut Spieser, agricultural engineer with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, would call leaving the beans out a “gutsy” move, and not one that’s likely to turn out well.

In this episode of the Soybean School, Spieser outlines reasons why it’s likely an advantage to have the soybeans in the bin vs. the field, why you MUST be monitoring relative humidity on your own farm, the important role of moisture meters and why you’re just going to have to spend some time monitoring bins or risk major spoilage.

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One thought on “Soybean School: Harvesting Tough Beans & Top Tips for Safe Storage

  1. I was always taught with aerating wheat that fans must be left on till the top is dry. If fan is shut off the drying front stops leaving an area of very tough/damp grain in one band causing high risk of heating and spoilage. Are beans different in this aspect??

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