The Meatless "Plant Blood" Burger? No Thank You, I Prefer Real Meat

Here is a secret for you……red meat tastes very good.  So much so that Impossible Foods has worked diligently to design a burger that looks and has the texture of real hamburger. They are claiming that this high-tech veggie burger is realistic it even oozes “blood.”  Now it’s plant blood, but Impossible Foods is boasting the smell of the meatless burger on the BBQ will be almost indistinguishable.

According to a story in the Wall Street Journal,

The burger… is made entirely of plant matter. In the Impossible Foods lab, amino acids, fats, and nutrients are all carefully culled from plants, hand-picked for their contributions to texture, color and most importantly, flavor. Even the blood of cows, the key to unlocking meat’s flavor, is recreated through the addition of heme, an important molecule in hemoglobin and found in certain plants.

I read a couple of blogs where vegetarians admitted to missing the taste of a hamburger even though they were committed to their vegetarian lifestyle. This doesn’t surprise me; I would miss the opportunity to have a loaded cheeseburger, too. I would probably last seven days in a vegetarian lifestyle. You can call me weak or just plain hungry.

Some blogs are claiming that this new high-tech burger is a major win for the environment.  For some grazing cows are the villain and are preventing us from a healthy planet in the future.

Mashable reported:

But the real secret to the convincing flavor is in heme, a molecule in hemeglobin that can be found in both animal blood and some plants. This kind of plant blood helps to recreate the taste of real cow’s blood. According to Wall Street Journal, the burger cooks and smells just like a meat patty, and has the texture of animal tissue, though it is fluffier than a true cheeseburger. The flavor is a cross between turkey and beef.

It would be interesting to know what the hard-core anti GMO population thinks about this concept of the high-tech plant-based hamburger.  Is this kind of science something you buy into or is this off-limits too?

What is surprising is that Impossible Foods believes that its new meatless hamburger will appeal to meat lovers.  (Ugh! Probably not.)  Although the engineered meatless burger might look real, I plan on sticking with the real thing. Nothing can replace the real texture and taste of a hamburger fresh from the BBQ.  Sorry plant burger, nothing can replace that cheeseburger with mustard, ketchup, lettuce, pickles and avocado.

What do you think?  Does this high tech plant burger have a fit in your diet or will you keep it real?

Now, I am hungry so I better go fire up the BBQ and have a real burger— one that isn’t grown from plants. Have a great weekend!

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