What do you get when you combine footage from a GoPro, UAV, time-lapse camera, smartphone, with film editing software and a fantastic soundtrack? You get the video below — an entire growing season, from seed treating, to growth stages, to harvest — in about 11 minutes.

Alberta farmer Jay Schultz (@WheatlanderJay) and his family have chronicled their 2014 growing season in one video and are sharing it for anyone who is curious to see how a crop makes it from seed to bin. It took some great camera work (especially on the seeder!), amazing angles and some serious multi-tasking on Jay’s part to get this video done. Enjoy!

If you can’t see the embedded video above, click here.

3 thoughts on “A Growing Season in 11 Minutes: The Schultz’ Family Farm’s 2014 Growing Season

  1. For a one room school farm boy in the 40’s, I have always enjoyed the progression of the farm life. But the work you have done with massive equipment and dilligent farm practices is amazing. It would be great if the urban folks could see all the work into grain farming; more respect for agriculture could be achieved. Thanks to all involved !! Ron Law

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