How long can this lofty cattle market stick around? Have lower feed costs already been plugged in to cattle market prices? Will heavier-than-ideal carcass weights cause headaches through the value chain? Real Agriculture’s Shaun Haney and Anne Wasko, of Gateway Livestock Exchange, tackle those questions and whole lot more in this edition of the Beef Market Update.

From price-supportive supplies, to limiting factors, like competition from pork and poultry, Wasko brings us up to speed on current prices in the context of profitability and cautions that at some point in 2015, cattle on feed that will lose money, that’s just the way the silage crumbles.  But we’ve also got a strong export market and a weaker dollar supporting it, so when that happens has yet to be determined. Hear that discussion and more, below.

The Beef Market Update is a regular feature on Real Agriculture. Find past episodes here.

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