Kickin’ Tires — Ep. 6: Old Wives’ Tales, Stanley’s Cup & The Rise of Robotics

What’s the Old Wives’ Tale regarding fog? Or is it hoarfrost? Does it matter? That’s the burning issue co-hosts Shaun Haney and Jim Hale kick off this edition of the Kickin’ Tires podcast with, but don’t worry, they get into some much more machinery-related discussions after that.

From what the used combine market may look like this winter, to whether or not you should expect any deals at the local auction and on to what the shape and for the rise of robotics may take on the farm, this Kickin’ Tires podcast is sure to get you thinking.

Click anywhere on the player below to enjoy 20 some minutes of equipment discussion, and feel free to add your comments below on what you think the introduction into farming of robotics and autonomous vehicles may look like.

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