Flexibility Agreement Available for 2015 Nexera Acres

In 2015, growers can purchase Nexera canola under a Flexibility Agreement. nexera flexibility agreement

The Flexibility Agreement allows farmers to produce Nexera canola and sell it as either a commodity canola or, potentially garner a delivery contract with a health premium in the Omega-9 Oils market. 

“The only request we have of the grower, if he’s going to sign a Nexera Flexibility Agreement, that he does sell his Nexera canola production…back to one of our processors,” said Mark Wolyshyn, canola brand manager for Dow AgroSciences. “We’d like to keep it within our value chain system.”

Currently, a Nexera canola contract is signed between a grower and one of Dow AgroSciences’ contract partners. It sets requirements, a price and delivery terms. These are all subject to demand for Omega-9 oils, as this is the market contracted acres look to supply.

RealAgriculture’s Shaun Haney had a chance to talk to Wolyshyn recently, and in the following video, they discuss the reasons behind the recent addition, and why growers might choose one over the other. Wolyshyn also touches on what impact the recent dropping prices have had on opportunities in Nexera.


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