Recommended Malt Barley Variety List for 15-16 Released

If you’re considering growing barley for the malt market in 2015, the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre has just released its list of recommended varieties for the 2015-16 crop year.

The list (find it here) is compiled by the CMBTC’s members with input from grain companies, maltsters and brewers.

CDC Copeland and AC Metcalfe are the top recommended 2-row varieties, followed by CDC Meredith and Bentley. CDC Kindersley, Cerveza and AAC Synergy are “undergoing commercial market development.” Newdale, CDC PolarStar and Merit 57 are also listed, although it’s noted that demand is limited, as these three 2-row varieties are mainly handled by only one company.

Demand for 6-row malt varieties has been declining, so while the recommended list includes Legacy, Tradition and Celebration, the CMBTC suggests contacting the malting company selector before choosing a 6-row variety.


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