What do you think is the largest opportunity for agronomic research in Western Canada? What are the biggest holdups? What’s the capacity now and going forward?

These are big questions, and questions that deserve an answer. Until recently, though, many discussions about the future of agronomic research in Western Canada stopped at the question of capacity because we simply had never measured it.

Enter a research project spearheaded by the Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF), in collaboration with several commodity organizations, that set out to tally up the capital and human resources currently playing a part in Western Canadian agronomic research.

In this edition of the Agronomy Geeks podcast, Kelvin Heppner steps in as interviewer and asks Pat Flaten, research program manager with WGRF, what the study set out to answer, what surprised them most about the findings and how this may change how agronomic research happens in Western Canada. All of that is in the interview below.

As Flaten refers to in the podcast, the report is complete, and open for comments until the end of January, 2015. You can download the report at this link, here.

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One thought on “Agronomy Geeks West — Ep. 20: Looking Ahead by Taking Stock: Research Capacity in Western Canada

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