Canola exhibiting symptoms of group 4 herbicide injury.
Canola exhibiting symptoms of group 4 herbicide injury.

One of the leading causes of herbicide injury in canola is insufficient sprayer cleaning, says Clark Brenzil, provincial weed control specialist for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture.

Whether due to drift or residue, herbicide injury can result in drastic yield losses, besides being an eye-sore to drive by.

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When Brenzil joined us for a Canola School last, he spoke of distinguishing between herbicide injury, specifically as it related to Liberty and group 2 products. He suggested group 2 injury is often a result of contamination within the spray tank. In this video, Brenzil talks about how and when a sprayer should be cleaned, highlighting a few misconceptions along the way.

2 thoughts on “Canola School: Sprayer Cleanliness Resolutions for 2015

  1. From our perspective the most critical component of sprayer clean out is boom flush valves on the ends of each section. Continually amazed at how much product is in boom ends even after normal clean out.

  2. Excellent piece, also applies to Ontario. My biggest problem is with the Kixor family of chemistries. I’ve tried almost everything, but still have issues with good sprayer clean out.

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