The Seedpod — Ep. 2: Regulating On Ideals, and Is There More On the Chopping Block?

An immature soybean sample (greenseed)

It’s no wonder that Western Canada is watching what’s unfolding in Ontario closely. That province’s government’s move to closely regulate neonicotinoid seed treatments, even after changes in corn and soybean planting showed significant reductions in bee health risk, has many in the agriculture industry wondering what this means for pesticide access moving forward.

In this second edition of the Seedpod(cast), Real Agriculture founder Shaun Haney and editor Lyndsey Smith, catch up on what’s going in Ontario regarding the impending regulations of neonicotinoid seed treatments and the consultation process. Next, they move on to discuss what some in the industry fear — that provincial restrictions on PMRA-approved products, like cosmetic pesticide bans, will continue to broaden in scope and begin to increasingly include agriculture products. Is that fear warranted? That’s discussed, below.

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