White mould love tight soybean rotations. What’s the best plan of attack for 2015?

A good chunk of wheat acres didn’t get planted in the fall of 2014, during what some have dubbed a “harvest from hell.” Many of those acres are likely to go into soybeans, and for good reason. But, agronomically, it’s not the best option, especially following a year of heavy white mould infestation. (Follow this link to hear more on white mould management, and why soybeans on soybeans is at higher risk.)

In this Soybean School episode, Real Agriculture’s field editor Bernard Tobin sits down with soybean specialist Horst Bohner, to talk row spacing, population, variety selection and more, ahead of planning the 2015 soybean crop. Bohner runs through specific options for managing for white mould, reminding growers that the best we’ve got are suppression products — avoidance is key.

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