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This year’s growing season is not likely to be forgotten for a very long time — and, unfortunately, not for great reasons. A late, wet, tough spring, widespread white mould in the beans and down-right cold break in the summer all cumulated in a long, drawn out harvest that’s headed into the holiday season for some.

There were a few bright spots — like better than expected soybean yields — but there are still a few lingering questions, like should you let those last soybeans stand into the spring? And what about all that white mould?

In this episode of the Soybean School, Real Agriculture’s Bernard Tobin asks Horst Bohner, Ontario’s soybean expert, to recap the year that was and why we saw certain pest pressures and not others. What’s more, Bohner reviews the risks of leaving beans in the field over the winter, and why it’s an absolute last option.

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