TechTour: Keynote Speakers Cooper and Parker Offer a Preview of TechTour LIVE

Communication is essential to team success, whether you’re changing tires on the sidelines of a Formula One race, managing a family-run business or harvesting this year’s crop.

You’ve likely already heard that we’ll be hosting TechTour LIVE! in the new year, with our event partner, Dow AgroSciences Canada. The event was born of the TechTour series, where we feature innovations that increase on-farm productivity and efficiency. Those who attend the one-day workshop will get to hear from the likes of Bob Parker, operational expert, author, and founder of the Pit Crew Challenge and management thinker and business coach, Donald Cooper.

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In the following interview, Shaun Haney gives us a taste of the upcoming event, by talking to both Cooper and Parker about the importance of communication in their work, and how that relates to farmers and ranchers. They discuss perhaps one of the most critical stages in communication: defining the words used in goals and management. In addition, the trio identifies the additional complexity in family business, to which Cooper can relate, with his experience with Cooper Sporting Goods. And what would farming be without break-downs? Parker talks about understanding what should work, so problems can be identified and dealt with, quickly and efficiently.

Take a listen.

Planning to join us for TechTourLIVE? Follow this link for details and to register.


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