BCRC Publishes Interactive Tool for Body Condition Scoring

The Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) published a resource on body condition scoring cattle this week.

A Screen Shot of the BCRC's Interactive Productivity and Profitability Scale

A Screen Shot of the BCRC’s Interactive Productivity and Profitability Scale

Along with the video below, the BCRC’s body condition scoring resource provides an interactive cow graphic, enabling you to compare an animal along a changing scale, and see the gains and losses in pregnancy rates, value, antibody levels in colostrum and much more.

Most ranchers probably know that body condition scoring is a key method of assessing their animals, and knowing what needs to be done to improve or maintain their condition. Still, it’s hard to say how many take the effort.

The BCRC recommends body condition scoring every fall, around preg checking or processing, which enables you to improve cattle before harsh weather hits (some years).

Overconditioned animals are more likely to have reduced mobility, a decreased milk supply and problems during calving, while those underconditioned may not have enough energy to calve on their own (if they even make it that far). Cattle with scores of 2.5-3.0 are considered ideal on the Canadian scale of 1-5.

Wondering how your cattle stack up? Find the BCRC’s publication and interactive tool online.


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